PNEWJFC Represented in Cup Finals- Under 10’s

Under 10’s in comfortable final victory

PNE 3-1 Blackpool

The game was played on a large pitch which resulted in very open play.

PNE pressed and marked very well from the front, tackling superbly and in possession used the space well, with clever passing and dribbling. The use of space is a key feature of our game, so to be able to execute passing and moving moves in this game was brilliant.

Katie got all three goals, the first a burst from deep into the box, latching onto a loose ball and then winning a 50/50 with the keeper. The second a finish into the top of the goal from a further distance, and the third a clever dribble around the Blackpool defense to finish well.

The goalkeeper Ellie was on superb form, keeping the score in PNE favor with key catches and good handling from low shots. The defense also thrived on the big pitch, using considerable pace to win the ball back and clear the lines. Lauren controlled the team with organisation skills, with the wing backs tackling well and breaking forward. The midfield
orchastrated the game, with good passing and moving, a key feature of our game,
built with brilliant vision and first touches from Michaela, Jodie, Jas among
others.  Georgia, Abbie, Charlotte and Dana rotated between midfield and
defense, and ensured they pushed the team with much effort and determination.

A great performance from the girls, who deserved their cup glory.

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